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Matchbird connects businesses.

Across all industries. Systematically. With targeted precision

Matchbird brings together partners who really profit from each other. You tell us what goals you want to achieve, and we find the right companion (supporter) for you. It can be another company, a research institution, an investor or a public organisation.

Gathering Information

We precisely document your requirements concerning future co-operation partners in a target agreement and compare them with the content of our database. There we have stored detailed information about all our partners’ competences and business structures.

Methodical Networking

Using this information, our search engine with semantic algorithms finds potential Matches. On this basis, our Matching Coordinators use creative team processes in order to develop expedient contact proposals for you.

Productive Exchange

Then we connect you with decision makers you can start an exchange of thoughts with. The special thing about our business model: An exchange will only be counted as a Match if you assess it as such. This way you profit from our services without taking any risks.

The benefits

A System with Disruptive Potential

Looking for other companies to connect with is of vital importance – and yet it is mostly a waste of time. One attends countless events and gets to know many people, but one hardly ever meets co-operation partners with game changing potential. Instead, after tremendous effort, the only thing that remains is the feeling that one has just missed the right contact (person).

Matchbird transforms the principle of random encounters into a methodical approach. Our contact portfolio is a condensed image of the international business landscape...

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Matchbird Partnership

The Matching Process

Gathering Information

If you want to become a partner, you purchase an account. Then we create your company profile and record your expectations in a detailed target agreement.

Contact proposals

Based on this information, our Matching Coordinators will propose suitable contact persons to you. Only if you approve, we will initiate an exchange of contact data.


Together with your new contact person, you fathom the possibilities of a collaboration. They range from a gain of knowledge to an extensive co-operation.


Afterwards we will ask you for your appraisal. If the exchange is a Match, it will be booked to your account. In the unlikely case you do not profit from it in any way, you assess it as No Match, and it will not be counted as a Match.

Volume Upgrade

If your account is full, you may easily and quickly recharge it by purchasing a new Matching packet

Fair and transparent


Matchbird-Account Blue

£4,150    (+ VAT)
  • 3
  • 1

  • Number of Matches
  • Number of company features in the eKontakter
  • Research, selection and proposal of quality contacts
  • Creation of a target agreement
  • Creation of a company profile
  • Dashboard with Matching account accessible via Matchbird-app
  • Evaluation of Matches
  • Results analysis at the end of the Matching phase

Matchbird-Account Green

£6,500    (+ VAT)
  • 5
  • 2