Your benefits

Looking for other companies to connect with is of vital importance – and yet it is mostly a waste of time. One attends countless events and gets to know many people, but one hardly ever meets co-operation partners with game changing potential. Instead, after tremendous effort, the only thing that remains is the feeling that one has just missed the right contact (person).

Matchbird transforms the principle of random encounters into a methodical approach. Our contact portfolio is a condensed image of the international business landscape which or Matching Coordinators trawl (alt.: comb) using state of the art data processing technology.

In doing so we create Matches on the basis of detailed exclusive information and only provide you with contacts of the highest quality. That is basically the same as if you would research contact persons from different branches yourself – Matchbird just does it much, much faster.

More Than Just a Network

In addition to that, our partners come from all fields of industry, while conventional networks tend to focus on specific topics. It is our claim to convey extraordinairy co-operations that could not have been established otherwise. We enable our partners to broaden their business horizon significantly.

Our services enable companies to:

  • find solutions to specific problems
  • open up new markets
  • create a perfect climate for innovation
  • enter into profitable co-operations
  • enhance the exchange with the sciences

No risk – much fun!

We do not call our partners customers because we interact with them on equal terms – fair, transparent and without risk. As a Matchbird partner you decide yourself if an exchange has brought you closer to your goals and should be counted as a Match.