Discovering hidden chances with the serendipity principle

Matchbird connects companies across industries – for unexpected innovation and business opportunities

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Matchbird identifies hidden opportunities, is an international B2B connector for companies of all sizes and industries, and delivers unexpected leads on new business ideas and innovations thanks to an unconventional thinking approach and state-of-the-art data graph technology.

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Matching practice

Professional thinking outside the box: Our partner companies benefit greatly from the fact that we do things differently.
And thanks to serveral years of matching practice, we are getting better and better at it.


Provoking valuable coincidences: Matchbird is the world’s first business connector that identifies promising business opportunities in the sense of serendipity and brings together the right experts at the right moment.


Promotion of disruption: We actively support our partners in discovering hidden opportunities that can only be found by chance. Matchbird is the unbiased sparring partner in the competition for ideas and innovations.

Out of the box

Unbiased solutions comparison: Our multidisciplinary team follows an unconventional approach that always meets systematic and objectively comprehensible criteria.

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