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Ideas and contacts
are our most important resources

Matchbird transforms the principle of random encounters into a methodical approach, thereby compensating for the disadvantages of unplannability. Our contact portfolio is a concentrated representation of a wide range of global business sectors, which our matching coordinators search using state-of-the-art database technologies.

Matchbird generates matching proposals on the basis of detailed, exclusive information and initiates exchange processes with potential only. Both sides must accept the underlying ideas and goals.

Our speciality is opportunities that you, as Head of New Business, Head of Research & Development or Innovation Manager, could not look for, let alone find – because, unlike the specialists, we can always think and network beyond the confines of a single industry.

How it works

Projekt examples

Technology tranfer

A company from the building technology sector develops a new type of air filter. After analysing the potential, Matchbird discovers market opportunities in the integration of its cleaning innovation in lighting technology and successfully initiates a matching process with a lamp specialist


A building material manufacturer is working on biological bricks made from straw. In order to achieve the necessary binding in the building material, Matchbird establishes contact with a specialist in sustainable chemical products and biological polymers.


A successful developer of special machinery is unable to meet order enquiries for pre-financing reasons. Matchbird identifies the appropriate investment company, from whose company portfolio new production-related synergies also arise.


A producer of high-precision pumps is planning to enter the Asian market. After a comprehensive competence screening, Matchbird arranges a contact to an expert with many years of management experience in Japan.

Out of the Box!

A supplier of paints and varnishes is looking for sustainable packaging innovations. A barrel producer wants to use his products outside the traditional beverage industry. Because Matchbird knows both innovation targets, a successful matching process could be started.

Many people can relate serendipity experiences in business or development processes. Whether it’s a chance meeting with an unknown potential business partner on the way home from an otherwise rather bland trade fair or an unplanned hint at a new technology on the sidelines of a talk show rerun that you accidentally got caught up in while zapping. Matchbird is the world’s first service provider that can provoke such valuable coincidences by intelligently filtering information and identifying unrecognised intersections to the advantage of the parties involved.

Michael Kranz
CEO Matchbird

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New ideas

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Hidden Chances

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