Networking with a system

We bring companies
and people together

In an increasingly complex and volatile business world, we support our partner companies in the competition for new ideas and innovations. With our unique data graph, we can analyse the largest amounts of information and identify unpredictable intersections.

In this way, we actively support the work of decision-makers and developers with tips and contact suggestions for new opportunities and particularly target-oriented opportunities. Because: As appealing and welcoming as an increasingly networked business world is, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain an overview in order to be able to identify possible business opportunities outside one’s own sector.

That’s why we can bring together exactly those companies and people who can profit from each other in the long term – focused and always open-ended.

We know the special competences of a large number of companies. And we know what particular goals they pursue and what issues they deal with.

The founding of Matchbird was a reaction to the massive changes in the way people could be reached with information and news. We no longer wanted to be passive reporters, but to actively bring tips and suggestions to the right place in order to be able to initiate valuable exchange processes if there is interest.

Michael Kranz, CEO

How we started

Matchbird was founded in Düsseldorf in 2014, in the direct vicinity of various creative agencies.

The Matchbird L.P. was founded in 2019 in Atlanta, the capital city of the Southeast.

Matchbird Iberia Lda, based in Lisbon, was founded in 2023.

We think out of the box

Our special field is the unconventional, creative insight into the facts and outside the box. In doing so, we conscientiously do our homework and create dedicated target agreements for and with our partner companies in order to be able to perfectly take into account interests, needs and ideas.

Meet the team

Matchbird employs an interdisciplinary, international and diverse team of generalists with different professional experiences and educational backgrounds ranging from classical business studies to media, law, social sciences, geography and journalism.

Matching Coordinators are in creative exchange with each other and the partner companies they work with every day, passionate about what they do and focused on the opportunities that arise from serendipity effects.

We place unconditional value on fairness, equal opportunities, tolerance and openness in our dealings with each other and with our partner companies.

The serendipity principle
& its meaning

The serendipity principle is used in a wide variety of contexts and is applied today in management strategies as well as in science. There is much more to serendipity than the traditional assumption that the phenomenon is always just the occurrence of a lucky coincidence, referring to famous examples such as the discovery of penicillin or the invention of the internet.

How it works

Based on an intelligent competence and interest check, the serendipity principle can be used strategically to propose the targeted connection of two (or more) parties who would otherwise only have encounter each other by chance.

The pre-validation of possible-so far untested-cooperation approaches can deliver exemplary solutions and options for new business models. In this sense, the serendipity principle ensures more creativity and innovation.

The principle is based on an unbiased mindset and a fundamental openness to everything possible and conceivable. These premises are reflected in particular in its application in business contexts; prominent examples here are the Black Swan and Blue Ocean strategies.

Black Swan

The Black Swan is used in economic contexts as a metaphor for unexpected and improbable (future) events that can have a significant impact on a company/industry. A black swan embodies the unimaginable, which, when it occurs, brings significant and lasting change (game changer potential).

Blue Ocean

The Blue Ocean Strategy is a forward-looking method for creating permanently profitable business models. It is based on the idea that sustainable trends and innovations can only emerge in unrivalled or largely untouched market segments. In contrast to the Red Ocean, which is understood to mean saturated markets with high competitive pressure, the Blue Ocean is free of “fighting predators” that outcompete their competitors. This relatively new way of looking at things opens up completely new perspectives for strategic management to develop profitable corporate structures; the core idea is that one avoids the competition and thus taps into a completely new demand on the part of the consumer.

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What is a match

A match is a matching process that has been positively evaluated by the partner company, that has led to a rewarding, sustainable exchange with another company and that offers a high potential for value creation/

Matchbird also initiates matching processes with companies outside its own network for its partner companies. The fundamental goal of our actions is always to identify the most suitable contact opportunities and target-oriented exchange processes.

New ideas, tailor-made contacts, savings of time and resources, out-of-the-box thinking, opportunities for cooperation, hidden chances …

This varies from person to person and takes between nine and 15 months; positive matching processes sometimes trigger time-consuming business negotiations and development projects.

An active matching round with a 3-matches matching account costs 8.995$