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Preferiblemente hablamos con nuestras empresas asociadas, pero, por supuesto, también hablamos sobre ellas.

Por ello, en nuestra sección de noticias recopilamos regularmente publicaciones sobre los temas más relevantes en el mundo de las empresas asociadas a Matchbird. Y también informamos sobre las noticias más actuales de nuestra propia empresa.


Novos Horizontes! Matchbird goes Iberia

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With Matchbird Iberia, we are now also present with our matching activities in one of Europe’s future markets as well as in Africa and Latin America. It goes without saying that our partner companies in Central Europe will also benefit from new and valid cooperation opportunities as a result of this market entry.
Based in Lisbon, our team is now involved in the cross-industry networking of partner companies that want to drive innovation in their markets, open up new business areas and stand out from the competition with their ideas. From our matching practice in Central Europe, Asia and the USA, we know about the enormous business and innovation potential that can result from serendipity effects. Start-ups and larger companies benefit from this in equal measure. This is because cross-industry networking makes hidden opportunities usable and creates disruptive new business opportunities.
Matchbird COO Philipp van Deest (left) supports the colleagues in the start-up phase.
We are already looking forward to lots of serendipity á la Iberia and new exciting opportunities for cooperation.

Event Review: Every gram of CO2 counts!

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It is a mammoth task that could mutate into a Sisyphean task: In order to defuse the sword of Damocles of climate change in the long term, companies in the EU will have to present a complete environmental balance sheet for every product in the future. Against this background, Matchbird CEO Michael Kranz once again moderated the Materials Forum in Rothenburg ob der Tauber last weekend.

The makers of the event had made the recording of the CO2 footprint along the supply chain the focus of their 12th materials seminar. After two days (July 13-14) and 12 varied presentations, not all questions had been clarified, but a number of uncertainties had been eliminated. Dr. Raoul Meys (Carbon Minds, Cologne) and Dr. Hermann Aachenbach (SKZ, Würzburg) provided information on digital ways of using data to calculate international value creation scenarios. Wolfgang Vitzthum (Commerzbank, Frankfurt) showed that ecological and social criteria are becoming increasingly important for a company’s ability to obtain external financing. Afterwards, the practitioners took over the stage.

About Hidden Chances💡

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About Hidden Chances💡: How they arise and how Matchbird uses them for its partner companies.

Seal for innovation competence

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Matchbird promotes innovations and is innovative: This is now officially proven by the BSFZ seal of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
The Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage (BSFZ) awards its seal exclusively to companies that develop innovations and whose projects are supported with a research grant from the federal government after a comprehensive review.
The BSFZ provided financial support for the programming of the disruptive new Matching Center because Matchbird, with its proprietary systemic approach to the parametric identification of competency and interest intersections, is the first in the world to enable the active use of serendipity effects.

Matchbird at the future logsitics

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With serendipity solutions for the logistics and supply chain industry, Matchbird presented itself last week at #futurelogistics. At the Matchbird booth, one or the other cup of serendipitea was drunk while networking…

Hydrogen on the coal island

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On the site of the former coal island, Matchbird partner Duisport is building the trimodal Duisburg Gateway Terminal (DGT) by 2023 together with international partners Cosco Shipping Logistics, Hupac SA and the HTS Group …

Vaillant Group and Remscheid Forest Cooperative develop Future Forest

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In the 2022 “Caravan of the Year” and “Motorhome of the Year” readers’ poll organized by the trade magazines CARAVANING and promobil, vehicles from KNAUS, WEINSBERG and TABBERT received a total of eight awards, including three first places …

Telefónica launches mini-radio cells with Open RAN

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In Munich, Telefónica has installed the first mini mobile cells to increase the capacity of the network. The Open RAN technology is used for this …

Knaus Tabbert convinces in reader polls of Caravaning and Promobil

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Right at the beginning of the year, Knaus Tabbert AG has several reasons to rejoice: In the 2022 readers’ choice “Caravan of the Year” and “Motorhome of the Year” of the trade magazines CARAVANING and promobil, the vehicles of KNAUS, WEINSBERG and TABBERT received a total of eight awards, including three first places …

Festool industrial vacuum cleaner made from recycled material

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Power tool manufacturer Festool, Wendlingen, Germany, uses a sustainable PA66 carbon fiber compound from Wipag, Hamburg, Germany, in its industrial vacuum cleaner …